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Your Order: Shipping, Tracking, Changing, Returns and Exchanges

Product Information

Technical Issues 
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Accepted payment methods
The Satsangshop accepts payments via PayPal. For most countries Paypal will give you the choice between using a Paypal account and a credit card. If you wish to pay by Credit Card You can pay with credit card without having a Paypal account. Please follow the steps below: 1) Login the online shop 2) Order the products you wish 3) Follow the steps 4) When it comes to step 5 "Payment" please click on "Pay with your card or with your Paypal account". This brings you to the Paypal page, but you don't need to login, instead click the link "Pay with your credit card" 

Payment Issues
If you have any payment issues you will need to contact PayPal directly. To contact PayPal, simply go to and log into your account to find the PayPal ‘Contact Us’ page.

Order issues
You may encounter one of the following issues:
1. Your PayPal Account details do not match your Satsangshop account details. Your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number and email address must be identical in both PayPal and Satsangshop accounts.
2. There may be some technical issues with your PayPal Account. In this case please contact PayPal to ensure your account is functioning properly. Maybe additional information or verification is required. 
3. The internet server timed out. It may take some time to place an order, and the system may detect this as error. In this case you may go through the payment process again.

Your Order: Shipping, Tracking, Changing, Returns and Exchanges

Can I track my order?
We ship all our orders from Portugal. They are sent by a Standard Postal service, so there is no tracking number available.

I have not yet received my order
Your order may need more time to reach you. If you don't receive your order within the next few weeks please contact us at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com.

I received my order but the Poster is missing
If you ordered a poster along with other items, Please note the poster has been sent separately. We send all posters in a separate tube to ensure their safe passage. You should receive the missing items soon after receiving your original package.

I received my order but something is missing/incorrect
We endeavour to fulfill your order correctly. In the unlikely event that there is something missing or incorrect please contact us at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com.

I have placed my order online but would like to add/delete some item(s)
We advise that you take some time to place your order and ensure that all items and details on your order are correct prior to making a payment. It is not possible for us to add items or change sizes once the order has been made. If you wish to do so, we will suggest that we refund your order and you can place the order again. However, if you have already paid for your order and would like something changed, please contact us immediately at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com, and we will endeavour to correct the order prior to it being shipped. Please note that there is no guarantee once an order is placed and it is your responsibility to place an order correctly.

I have placed my order online but entered the incorrect shipping address
If you have made a mistake and would like to fix it, please contact us immediately at  info [at] satsangshop [dot] com,  and we will endeavour to correct the address prior to it being shipped. Please note that there is no guarantee once an order is placed. Further, in such a case we will not issue a refund until the order has been sent back to us.

How can I cancel my order if I have changed my mind?
You must contact us immediately at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com. If by chance the order has not been shipped we will happily cancel the order for you. Please note that if the order has been sent we will not be able to issue you a refund due to copyright policies.

Do you accept returns or exchanges of products?
We do not accept exchanges of products. However, we accept returns of faulty products within 60 days of purchase. For details on returns please read the Shipping and Returns section of the online shop.

Can I return downloadable products?
No. Content in electronic form which are downloadable products can not be returned and will not be refunded.

What is the meaning of the expiring date of the downloadables?
It means you have a 30 day period to download and save your link before the link expires. You can download up to 30 times during that period giving ample opportunity to save it to more that one device. Once the recordings are downloaded and save to your computer or hard drive they can be enjoyed from there without time limit. We ask that you do not share this link in social media or on the internet. If you have any questions or issues with the download process, please write to

Product Information

What is the difference between placing an order online vs. Placing an order during a Satsang Intensive or Retreat?

Placing an order during a live Satsang event is for ordering Satsang recordings from the current event only. Orders made during events cannot include additional products which are available online. In ordering online, you will be able to order additional recordings from other events as well.

I would like to purchase books at wholesale price for resale (for corporate customers only)
We provide wholesale prices to corporate customers only. For this you may contact our publishing team at office [at] moojimedia [dot] com.

Technical Issues

   - Downloadable Products

How long does it take to download the videos?
Our videos are produced in high resolution, each video is more than 1 Gigabyte in size. The download can take up to 1 hour. Please make sure your internet connection allows to download files of this size.

I didn't receive the download link(s) I ordered at the last retreat
The email with the download links could have landed in your spam folder. Please check it to see if it is in the spam folder, and please add our email addresses info[at}satsangshop[dot}com and gangotri[at]mooji[dot]org to your safe contacts. If you do not receive any email, three weeks after the retreat, please email us at one of the above addresses.

Can I play the Satsang videos on a DVD player?
No. These Satsang videos can only be played on a computer because they are in mp4 format. You can copy them on a DVD, but this DVD cannot be played on a DVD player.

Are the Satsangs from retreats available to watch on the internet, e.g. through YouTube?
Some parts of the Satsangs are made into YouTube clips. Many full sessions are not available for free online. Sunday Satsangs held at Monte Sahaja will be available for free. Please check the website for further information.

How to play the downloaded videos?
The downloadables are in mp4 format which can be played on most computers. We recommend using the "VLC Media Player" to play our videos. The "VLC Media Player" can be downloaded for free at

The video plays but it appears stretched
The video appears stretched if your video settings are not on the correct format in the "VLC Media Player". Simply go to the "Video" tab in "VLC Media Player", click on "Aspect Ratio" and try out the different options.

I purchased a downloadable but it is not fully downloading
Your internet connection may not be fast enough and it may slow down or even stop the downloading process. Please ensure that you use high speed internet when downloading our products. If you still encounter difficulties with downloading please contact us at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com.

What is the difference between Audio CD and MP3 CD?

Audio and MP3 CDs are both audio (which means you can listen to them like music). MP3 CDs cannot be played in older Audio players (if they are not MP3 compatible).

I purchased the downloadable MP3 but it is not fully downloading
Your internet connection may not be fast enough and it may slow down or even stop the downloading process. Please ensure that you use high speed internet when downloading our products. If you still encounter difficulties with downloading please contact us at info [at] satsangshop [dot] com.

How to transfer mp3 files from my computer to my iPhone?

  1. Click the download link in your email to download the file onto your computer (if you ordered several files please download one by one, and wait for it to finish the download before clicking on it, or clicking on the next link)
  2. Unzip the file (with the help of one of the many free programs you can find online, e.g. 7-zip for Windows, or iZip for Mac)
  3. In iTunes on your computer select "File menu", then choose "Add to Library", and select the mp3 files
  4. Sync your iPhone with iTunes

Can I play the downloadable videos on my iPad?
Our downloadable videos are in mp4 format, and are optimized for playback on PCs and Macs. You cannot download them directly onto your iPad.

To watch them on your iPad please make sure that you have enough space. Then please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the download link in the email you received
  • Launch the "App Store" on your iPad
  • Search for "VLC" and download "VLC for iOS" to your device
  • Connect your iPad to your computer
  • Start iTunes on your computer
  • In iTunes click on the iPad icon in the upper left corner
  • Click on "Apps" in the list on the left side of the screen
  • On the right side of the screen scroll all the way down until you see the VLC icon in the app list on a section called "data sharing" or something similar
  • Click the "Add" button in the bottom right corner of the screen and select a video you would like to upload to your iPad
  • After you confirm your selection the video will immediately be copied to your iPad
  • Please wait until the video is copied completely
  • Now you can open the VLC player on your iPad and enjoy the Satsang video



What is an e-book?
An e-book is a digital version of the physical book. The overall content is essentially the same, but you will find some small differences. For example: In the e-book Before I Am the photo section is at the end of the book rather than in the middle.

What kind of file format is the eBook?
The most popular formats for eBooks are "mobi" and "epub". Both formats are offered in the Satsangshop.

How do I know if my eBook reader needs the "mobi" or the "epub" file?
Different eBook readers need different file formats. "mobi" files are read by various eBook readers, most notably Amazon's Kindle. "epub" files are supported by most devices (except Kindle — for Kindle please download the "mobi" file). Devices which can read "epub" files include Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader and Kobo e-reader.

What if I don't have an eBook reader device?
You can read eBooks also on your computer or on mobile devices. The Kindle application (software) is available for free download from Amazon. It works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, Windows 8 tablets, and BlackBerry. We have found these to be friendly readers, however they do require you to have a free Amazon account to download the application.
The "epub" applications are free as well and available for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones and tablets. "epub" files can also be opened on a computer with various free programs including Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza Desktop, Okular, and many more.

Is Kindle a device or a software?
Both the e-Book reader device from Amazon and the free application which can be downloaded from Amazon are called "Kindle".

I have downloaded the file onto my computer, how do I open it?
1) Look in your Downloads folder for the file with the ending ".mobi" or ".epub".
2) Copy and paste (or click and drag) the file to a location on your computer where you would like to store your e-books.
3) Double click on the file. If you have already have an e-Book reader application on your computer (such as Kindle for Mac, Kindle for PC, or an "epub" reader) the file should open automatically in that program.

I have the file on my computer, how to I move it to my device?
Because of the large number of devices and reading applications, we cannot provide instructions for all of them. However here are some tips to get you started.
One easy way to move the file to an online device which can receive emails is to send it via email:
1. Attach the file to an email and send it to yourself.
2. Download the file from your email onto your device.
3. Click to open the file. The file should open with the e-Book reader application you have on your device.
4. If it does not open, you can copy and paste the file from the email into the application, or see the manual for your specific device.
If you have a Kindle, you can connect the Kindle to your computer, and then click and drag the file directly into the device.

Will the other books be available as e-books?
We hope to release the English language books in e-book format soon.