About Us

The Mooji Satsangshop was born from the natural and spontaneous urge to share Mooji’s pointings with those who long for Truth. We aspire to make Satsang readily available to people worldwide who may find themselves challenged by time and distance, and consequently may not have the opportunity to meet Mooji in form.

Through trust in the master’s words,
The cataract of mistaken identity is peeled away,
Revealing the indivisible Self.

Self is Home – Here and Now –
Beyond journey, distance and time.
                                                                 ~ Mooji

Our dedicated Mooji Satsangshop team is motivated by the sense of wanting to contribute to the sharing of Mooji’s message, the Sangha works in loving service to Truth under Sri Mooji’s guidance and in direct response to requests from you – our customers. In turn it is your support which has fuelled the growth of the Mooji Satsangshop whose income is in direct support of Satsang with Mooji.

We began quite organically in 2009 with a few computer duplicated Satsang recordings requested after Satsangs in London, and have grown steadily ever since. At that time, we were able to offer the first of Sri Mooji’s books – Before I Am – which is now available in an exquisite and expanded Second Edition, along with other titles. Soon afterwards, we began offering Sri Mooji’s guided meditations and beautiful music made by the Sangha. The new online shop includes a long sought after downloading capacity which we hope will make the purchasing of Satsang material more immediate and even easier.

As more and more beings are drawn to Sri Mooji, the Mooji Satsangshop continues to expand and diversify. We endeavour to keep the Mooji Satsangshop in the Heart, purely in service to Satsang and Truth as with all projects surrounding Sri Mooji.


In Loving Service,

The Mooji Satsang Shop Team